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Glass is a fundamental part of contemporary architecture, forming key structural elements of buildings as well as bringing natural light and aesthetic appeal.

Glass balustrades are a popular way to transform your home and make it a more enjoyable place to live. Here’s a look at the benefits of upgrading your home.

Choosing the right balustrade for your home or commercial space takes careful planning. Here are key points to consider when selecting your glass balustrades.

A well designed office layout is crucial for optimum productivity. Here are some common office layout mistakes to avoid and suggestions for effective solutions.

The office glass partition is available in various types and designs including single glazed, double glazed, banded partitions, fire glass and acoustic glazing.

A look at the history of offices, from regimented rows of desks to the open plan office that benefits from modern architectural design such as glass partitions.

The role of glazing is central to modern architecture, providing aesthetically pleasing features such as glass staircases, and boosting natural light levels.

When it comes to selecting glass balustrades for a home or commercial space, there’s a wide variety of options available. Here is a guide to the key considerations.

Incorporating more glass partitions into your office interior design plans improves its aesthetics and has a big impact on the mental health of employees too.

In recent years, architectural glazing has made some significant advances in technology that is transforming the use of commercial and residential buildings.